Dear Who-so-ever

I have a confession to make…

Last nite I received a call from an eldery colleague from work, I contemplated taking his call for a few seconds. In the past week, he was  terribly grumpy and we had a few upsetting conversations over some work stuff that he was responsible for but conveniently threw a fit not to do…..

Last nite he called me to let me know that the work would be completed by tomorrow, I was pleased yet confused why he was calling me so late in the night….and then he informed me that he was on his way for a bypass surgery and was currently at the hospital getting prepped!!!

Suddenly everythign fit in, why the usually helpful colleague was suddenly a grumpy grouch !! The guilt pangs I felt for so easily judging him and slating him as a moron…guilt alert…

How many times have we all so easily judged people and cast them aside or been rude to them!! Countless I am sure…maybe its a lesson for us to be less judgemental, to  see the world with open eyes, ears and most importantly heart….

I am making an initiative today not to be so judgemental about everything around me……Shall we give it a go!!! Its gonna be a little hard but worth a shot…One baby step towards making the world a better place!!

On a style note can’t wait for Anna Dello Russo’s(such a mouthful) HnM release in the Middle East!!! The website has already listed out the prices by region and am drooling over all those OTA(Over the top Accessorise) Have a peep

Live & Let Live

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy


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