Morning Gurlies

As I rushed to get ready this morning, I opened my wardrobe to look for my breezy white Palazzo pants that I purchased somewhere in the summer of 2009 whilst I was living in London. To my great astonishment ( I have known I have been piling pounds) these gorgeous beauties where actually tight around my hips and upper thighs!!

My addiction to maltesers and Godivas cant be completely blamed!! I blame my eating habits that are totally bizzare, I dont remember the last time I had a proper breakfast, a low carb-meal or a healthy salad!!

 I usually only tend to eat when I am really hungry and then I end up eating all the wrong kinds of food that help me generate those extra curves and a double chin 😛

I got them tyres too!!


 Find the Jaw Line 😛

I have the most weird urges to have kfc in the middle of the night or have a bag full of those gooie jelly bears while watching my fav shows!!

I have made up mind to take notice of this drastic weight gain and do something about it!! I have a plan and am going to make it work!! Are you gurls with me!!!

Stay Tuned Ill be updating all my meals and work out routine so you know what I am upto and we can do this together for those of you who wish to get fit & Healthy!!

I am in touch with my Trainer atthe gym and he has promised to give me a meal plan this evening that I shall share with all of you!!

Bring it on ….Lets get Healthy  & Fit!!

Much Love

Dimpled Fairy


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