Helllooo PeepsRise and Shine its Valentine’s Eve….For many today is the day of great importance, appointments are set at the spa, dinner tables are booked, flowers are ordered for, special gifts arrive by the post or last minute shopping errands to buy the perfect ribbon or the exact bottle of Champaigne!!! The Vday spirit is definately on amid all the crisis dats happening in Bahrain..I hear friends who have booked a whole month ahead at a local hotspot, going on to show that love truly does triumph riot or no riot!!
Its hilarious to see a lot of anti-valentine postings on facebook aswell …true for dose who dont have that special someone to share or celebrate the day of love …14th Feb can be quiet treacherous..neverthless hating the day doesnt make much sense ither!! What would the world be without love or passion for what you believe in?? Its just one day dedicated to love….and I believe it could be anyone or anything love ur pet , love ur folks, love ur fashion,love ur food, love ur friends, love ur car, love ur work!!! Love of sumfing is un-avoidable…love ur negative ideologies!! Its unescapable!! Love is everywhere!!

Guess what?? I am in love tooo 😉 with a box of crispy maltesers, hugo boss, Rayban Aviators, chardonnay, a lot of stripes and ofcourse my beloved friends what would I do without them  xo !!!

Monsoon Juniper Striped Dress
All rite you all ….Happpieee Valentines!! Keep Safe!! Dont forget to tell the people around you how much you love them!!
Much love

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