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Here is a quick review of this nice place we found at Marina Plaza at the Dubai Marina called Ultra Brasserie they serve organic and vegan food options with a view of the Marina Walk. They also have another branch at Emaar square.

Myself and hubby were not sure how we would find the food there in terms of flavor, and the vegan option didn’t really appeal to my very carnivorous other half. I on the other hand was looking forward to trying out their gluten free Brownie which I must say was simply divine.


The decor is very “cafe” its a good place to grab a bite before you step out to enjoy the marina night life.

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We started out with the Ultra Superfood Salad with Organic Quinoa, lentils, kale, tomatoes, broccoli,nuts,blueberries and pomegranate dressing. This salad was the bomb in terms of flavor all the natural ingredients explode in your mouth; I could have it every day of the week.


Followed it up with corn crumbed chicken Schnitzel with sautéed zucchini, asparagus and spinach, Grilled Cajun free-range chicken breast as a side and Australian Angus Tenderloin with scaloppini, wild mushrooms, asparagus and home-made tomato chutney.

Corn Crumbed Schnitzel


Grilled Cajun Breast and Mixed Potato Wedges




The Chicken Schnitzel was bland and really didn’t have any flavor , the Grilled Cajun chicken was juicy, tender, subtle and yum. My husband enjoyed his Angus Tenderloin and the gravy was delicious, so much that he was craving for it the next day as well. So we are definitely heading there again.


Ratings as follows:

Ambiance- 2/5



Value for money- 3/5


Much love

Stay Stylish


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