Morning All

Woke up to the sad news about the demise of 81 year old Anna Piaggi, fashion’s most creatively eccentric fashionista, columnist, Vogue Italia contributor and a must have at the front rows of fashion!!

I still remember our tutor at Fashion school back in the UK telling us about Anna Piaggi her iconic style, eclectic colour combinations and quirky accessories. One of our many projects was based on the paper dress that she wore..we each had to create our own look using newspaper!!

Yes NEWSPAPER I had created a quirky hat, dress and kitten heels!! Each of my classmates came up with the most creative ideas all inspired by Anna Piaggi!! Wish I could find those pics which I lost somewhere during my many changes of place and city!! 🙁

Here are a few of her most enigmatic looks! Madness, colour and class what a combination….


Anna & Karl Lagerfeld


RIP Anna Piaggi!!

Stay Stylish


Dimpled Fairy

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