Morning PeepsWow!! Its March already!! Woohoo…the new Spring/Summer collections for the year have already hit the stores…its about time I  made dat trip to the mall soon 🙂

On dat note in accordance with the new (soon to be) wardrobe additons..I have gotten inspired by a friend of mine who lost 7kgs in 12 days doing what we all know it by “The Liquid Detox diet”…anything and everything you have has to be in liquid form, harsh mentions have been made to avoid milk & sugar (I started my day with a strong cupp-a -tea laced with sugar and high on high fat milk(read normal Milk I somehow dont fancy the taste of low fat—how scandalous :P)

After my sinful few weeks of gluttony(and a wedding round the corner)…I guess it would be a gud idea to give my body a break from the usual richness of food and give it a chance to breathe!! Though my Detox mate has suggested I take a capsule of multi-vitamin tablets to make sure I dont drop on the essentials…

Will keep you posted of the results!!! 🙂

Disclaimer:Please Note I am following this diet at my own risk..and wouldn’t suggest anyone to follow without medical guidance!!

Much love

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