Like every newbie in a new city I have been pillaging through the countless beauty  salons in Dubai to find that one place that offers all the services at an affordable urban working girl budget.Unfortunately for me,Dubai Marinians don’t really have much of a choice. We have overly priced salons offering the usual mani pedi at an unreasonable price that could afford me a well cooked meal at any respectable restaurant.

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine recommended I try “The Red Lounge” with several beauty salons sprawled over various locations the most viable for me being the one in Discovery Garden. My first few visits included full body waxing, threading(eyebrows,upper lip), hot oil massage,manicure pedicure, deep conditioning, body polish all thrown into a very reasonable price pack(around 30o AED with options of 8 items,10 items and so on). The service was slack, the staff were over worked, rude and snappy I noticed through my several visits that every time I was there, there always was a situation involving an angry client and an uptight hairdresser or manicurist who was unwilling to provide the service required(all down to poor management).

My consciousness chided me not to come here again, but the deal was too good for me(I was being a deal digger) to back out just yet since I had already just purchased their 10 item package deal,here’s a heartfelt  review as follows:

1. Manicure- Terribly done she chipped of my skin resulting in bleeding, the cuticles were irregular and not clean

2. Pedicure- Do not expect to get any relaxation from the constant chitchat of the girls doing ur feet, to the strong humming of the rickety massage chair and NO SCRUB!! The lady just filed,cut my cuticles slapped on some cream and told me off…the whole point of a pedicure is a good scrub who the hell  is going to take care of that now!!!

3. Full Body wax- Left me with sore skin under my arms but overall was ok the waxing lady was very sweet and dealt well with my waxing anxiety

4.Eyebrow threading/upper lip- was done well

5. Deep Oil Treatment- This treatment was the disaster of my life this year!! I went in expecting a relaxing head massage the morocan lady who did it was fantastic but the Filipino lady who was untrained,  ruined MY HAIR while washing it!! She got my long locks into a terrible tangle that was impossible to untangle without cutting precious pieces of locks resulting in uneven hair…looking at the state of my lovely locks I was in tears and the management did nothing to improve the situation each staff had their own opinion one said lets wash again the other said lets cut (cutting involved almost half the length of my hair) I WAS IN TOTAL DISTRESS!!!

At the end I walked away with uneven hair and totally upset with the whole experience, later that weekend I flew out to Bahrain to visit my parents and my mom got me an appointment with a fantastic French Hairdresser who reworked my hair making it look full and healthy and YES for the very first time I have medium length hair!!

And I am out looking for new places and worthwhile bargains let me know if you girls have any recommendations that I could try out!! Lemme know of your experiences as well!!!


Much Love

Dimpled Fairy


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