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Hey lovelies Here is a detailed look of what I wore to my Centrepoint store invite. Top-Mango, Slacks-Max, Wedge Sneakers-New Look, Eye clutch- Travel   Stay Stylish Much love Dimpled Fairy xoxo

Morning lovelies Apologies for the delay to put up new posts..wedding preps been keeping me mad busy through & through!! Here’s what I wore to an exclusive food extravaganza at the fashionable sushi joint Maki at the world trade centre,Bahrain..in

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Hello Lovelies

With the weather fast changing, last evening I was in the mood for a bit of neon before Fall completely sets in!! Canโ€™t wait to start getting dressed up for fall…for some reason wearing boots have always excited me, a childhood syndrome I guess…the thought of wearing boots allowed me to dream of being in a snow drenched country with castles,forests,magical beings and a handsome Prince Charming…..Sigh!!

Ok back to the point!!!

Went ahead for a glowy neon top spruced it up with a bright pink vintage bag and a dash of nude to balance all the brightness!! It was dark out there and I am sure u could spot me like a cyclist in neon vests … it was the evening that showed me one way to the moon..dunno if I was dressed enuf for it though ๐Ÿ˜›

What would you wear if u were to go to the moon? I would prolly wear jeans, thigh high flat suede boots (a la Anna Dello Russo) and a warm fluffy sweater (remember those snow monster soup ads) Yeh that would prolly be me on the moon!! The fluffy warm Hug Monster ๐Ÿ˜›

For now here’s me spotting the one way to the moon !!

Morning Me Fairies With weekend right round the corner and a blazing heat of 39 degrees!! Here’s my beat the heat look!! Long, breezy, flowy and ventilated on all sides!! Daisy yellow with printed flowers from Max ,Nude Peplum top

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