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Hello Lovelies Here is a quick review of this nice place we found at Marina Plaza at the Dubai Marina called Ultra Brasserie they serve organic and vegan food options with a view of the Marina Walk. They also have another

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Just last week we spoke about how different people have different body shapes and how their body types can be classified into 4 relative types – Hourglass, pear, apple and ruler shaped.

To maintain that perfect body, you have to eat and exercise based on your body type. The different body types and each individual’s unique size can be determined by their genetics, bone structure, age and lifestyle.

One cannot change their body shape as it’s a natural gift that is given to every individual. However there is a way in which you can work around your body type by maintaining healthy eating routine combined with a fitness program.

Ruler/Banana shaped – one who can equally gain and lose weight requires regular cardio exercise and sessions of resistance training. This will help develop the muscles in the upper body and the lower back area. It also tightens your core creating definitions and curves. Recommended exercises: Pilates, squats, push ups and bicep curls

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