Morning Lovelies


Hope ur all doing well…The heat is on, its warm, sticky and humid…..and if u arent one of the chicks with a short sleek cut for the summer…ur in for some hell with ur hair sticking to ur neck or back…a very prickly condition!!!


But guess what Pony Tails are big this season …so u dont hav to worry about a high knot or a funny looking scrunchie to hold ur bun up…


Here are a few stylish takes on the Pony Tail that you could try out!! Adding on to easy chic & glamour!!


Amy Adam’s does it Sleek..not a look for those with a chubby face


Blake Lively’s Messy, Cant be bothered look…should work on all face types


Carrie Underwood’s Side swept toussled look…good for gurlies with a sharp jawline
Jessica Alba’s romantic look….pretty on all


Kim Kardashian’s quiffed look… personal fav…for those with strong cheek bones and jawline


Penelope Cruz’s Gamine Audrey Hepburn Like fringe and pony a look for ppl with big foreheads and soft hair


Stay Stylish

Much love


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