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Today’s story is about a Bahraini lady who left her thriving career as a journo for the island’s top newspaper to follow her dreams and start up her very own Accessories Store (online). She is Rasha Q from Stardust Accessories, an ardent fan of fashion accessories who has a keen eye on what’s hot and new!!

When asked about Stardust Accessories here’s what the lady has to say “Stardust Accessories brings the fun back to fashion with our range of fashion accessories like necklaces, rings, earrings, and braclets”. “Visit my page for the latest updates for our latest accessories collection” she adds

She has already ventured into making her own pieces of jewelry & accessories and is a regular participant at local fairs and expos!!

Keep your eyes peeled for this brand, you can go to their Facebook page pick an accessory that you like and message on the page!!

If you are one of those who like to have unique pieces in your jewelry box look no further!!

Here are a few glimpses of what they have to offer!!




Much Love

Stay Stylish

Dimpled Fairy


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