Morning Peeps!!Damn the dust storm is killer!!! Make sure u guys got ur stoles and nose protectors on..b prepared for a very runny nose!! Sigh!!On a happier note…I went on a fun shopping spree for a dear friend of mine recently 🙂 bwoi was it fun especially since she dropped 3 Dress sizes…So proud of her!! Well we were walking around like two gurlies usually do checking out the shops, the sales and bam!! Wat do I see!!

A very pretty young English girl dressed in a kaleidoscope of colours, beach hair, cotton top, colourful leggings- wat really struck me was her effortless spunk n chic….she was all girly hippie psychedelic all at the same time…and I just had to ask her if I could take a picture of her for me blog!! Behold…and she said yes!!

Holly your simply lovely luve!!

Tripping on dose colours
Sian (like her sleek hair) & Holly

Further down two blocks, on my way to Virgin Stores….I spot the most fashion forward Male in different variations of Mint(S/S 2012 hottest colour) all well put together…Its such a treat to find a creatively dressed young man in Bahrain!!

Mohammed Totally rocks the look!!

Tshirt-Lacoste, Shorts-Zara, Man Sweater-Splash, Belt-Hermes, Shoes-Massimo Dutti, Watch-Gucci
You’ve got the look-Love the shoes and Man bag
What was todally kool was Mohammed’s mate recognised me from my blog…..Yippie dooo!!!
So buck up lovelies……I plan to do the Style Check every week…put ur best forward!! U mite be next!! 🙂
Much Love

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