Gd Morning PeepsIts Wednesday already and the long weekend is just round the corner…Festive seasons in my opinion are the best times for us all to put out our best and strut it out…the latest handbag, the season’s latest perfume, new haircut..But what many of us usually tend to ignore is that our nails can make a fashion statement of their own too…

When prince charming swooningly looks into ur eyes and brushes away that stray strand of hair, looks deep into ur beautiful eyes and takes ur hand in his….what is he to find poorly moisturized hands that feel like the dried up skin of an orange … Dont Sigh now we all at some point get lazy and tend to ignore the very hands that do everything for us drive, cook, clean, write, type, scratch dat spot on ur back etc…

In modern times ur hands show not only ur age but also the lifestyle u lead…clean, well buffed maintained nails and moisturised hands give u the image of a classy lady of style and priviledge. Through centuries ancient Egyptians and Indians have glorified their hands with henna and pointed nail extensions made of gold, ivory or metal to give the hand a touch of grace. The ancient Chinese used it as a sign of  aristocracy with well manicured long nails being the feature of the time.

These days fashion is more practical…all fashion week trend reports have shown short square or semi round nails in hues of the rainbow ranging from florescent colours to pastel opaques.. nail stamps , prints..leopard being fav at the mo. Not only is painting ur nails a fashion statment in my opinion it is an expression of a mood and of course gurlie pajamas parties would b incomplete without nail paint.Colour is all the rage this season with classics like red nails and the French manicure being the haven of fashionistas who like to play it safe..

I for one love colour and have a passionate fetish for nail polish. The colours I choose usually depend on my mood but up recently I have weirdly been addicted to all shades of blue, powder blue, cobalt, navy blue…more blue n blue n blue…In my opinion Fall’s sexiest shade yet 🙂

So common ladies give ur hands and nails some attention investing in a good manicure and pedicure is truly worth it…Do let me know what ur favourite colours are and how wild u go with it. Here are a few random nail pics of mine please forgive the not so clear lighting promise better pictures in my following blogs.

Go ahead get creative I even match my nails, ring and drink J


Much Love

Dimpled Fairy

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