Gd Morning PeepsMarilyn Monroe famously once said “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” no doubt we all have a pair or pairs of shoes that are special to us something abt them makes us want to dance in them, wear it for the best moments of our life and treasure it in little shoe boxes to peer at once in a while…. n make us smile..I have shoes I can’t walk in (5 inches) but I love seeing them in my closet every time I open the door!! Senseless I know..But then is love ever sensible 🙂

Shoes come in all shapes, colours and sizes…u can find them in leather, suede, plastic, fake fur and METAL!! At the exhibition at Saks Fifth Avenue at City Centre Mall u can see just dat….the most imaginative curves , bolts, slings of flowing metal welded in da most romantic of shoe designs…not a line of grace is amiss in the design of shoes purely created of iron & copper …creating a fantasy expression of every woman’s “Shoe” desire. The exhibition is aptly named “Shoe” which also means “What do you want ” in Arabic, the artist Safa Alset challenges the regular mindset of metal as a boring medium of art , she transforms odd bits of bolts, chains, springs n rods into ecstatically breathtaking pieces of art…I spent a whole hour exploring each creation in awe of the mind that imagined and then created it…here are a few clicks for all of you!! Prepared to be Enchanted J

Taking inspiration from all dat metal…get creative 🙂 Lemme know how u  use metal
All rite people Happie Weekend.. Party hard and Drive safe  :)!!
Much love
Dimpled Fairy xoxo


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