Yesterday was one of those days…..I was a little down, had a aching frozen head thanx to the windy winds of Bahrain and was low on happy hormones 😛

With all the winter sales happening in Bahrain I decided to head to Marina Mall and boi did I get some good deals, here’s what I got!!

 The packaging is not to bad- A black matt finish cover with Kate Moss’s signature on it adding brand value no doubt!!
The first applicator that I bought didnt work so had to go exchange for another one!! But Just loving the colour its rich and smooth, the magentish pink is highly pigmented and stays on for quiet a while without having to reapply…which is a great relief for someone who forgets how she looks the moment she steps foot at the office!!

This is the whole collection and I cant seem to find any colour that I wouldnt personally use…the shades are deep n sensual ensuring that colours would suit any complexion which is simply awesome!! I am vying for Kates Signature red 001 next

NYX never really tried this brand out but a close frnd of mine recently got some great lippies and I was motivated to check this out…they have an ongoing sale on their lipliners ranging from BD 0.500fils to BD 3.000 which is great for us fashion gurls who like a good bargain..its good quality !!
The lipliners are the roll up types so no worries to keep ur pencils sharpened, just roll it up voila!! I got 3 one in pink, nude and peach!! And so far the lipliner has stayed on after atleast 3 cups of chai(tea)!!
My biggest weakness Nail Colours couldnt resist got one in Lilac (Deborah Milano) and Mud brown (NYX) all for just BD 1.000 their last pieces apparently!! So grab them gurls they had lots of other shades!!
Lilac fingers the texture is smooth didnt have to use a top coat for added shine and two coats did the job..its all opaque!!
Afta all dis Dimpled Fairy is a happie fairy!!! But like someone close said all I needed was a hug n a kiss!!
Alrite gurlies enjoi the winds!!
Mucho love

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