Dear Darlings

Every year around the time of Christmas we let our selves indulge n break all the rules, in some cases resulting in excessive eating n boozing, leading to expanded waistlines towards the end of the year leading on to the very first resolution that we put onto our little Diary (see list below) .

Well this year like every year I have made a few resolutions to improve myself n my lifestyle as I would like it or have envisaged it to be. A few of my friends have done the same some have no resolutions, some have forgotten to make resolution, some have carried forth what they have not accomplished from the last yr, some actually think resolutions are a myth and some like me have a long list of how they would like 2011 to be.
Well here’s mine and my blog will basically try and attempt and hopefully succeed to finish each and every resolution that I have put down for myself this year and in doing so I shall share my experiences and my thoughts with you.

Please feel free to comment 🙂 here goes!!

New Year Resolution 2011
1. Loose weight (75kgs- 20kgs= 55kgs the ideal weight for my height)-I have been meaning to do this ever since I left London and have tried every trick in the book (apart from healthy eating)-the poshest gyms, personal trainer, vegetarian diet, yoga, aerobics, circuit training, even read the book by Rujuta Diwekar the lady responsible for Kareena Kapoor’s size zero(my extramarital affair with anything chocolate didn’t help at all ), but my weight seems to have a mind of its own that yoyo’s between a size 10 and a size 12. I am not dreaming of a size 0 but a healthy size 8 that I use to be would be just as awesome for me. I have fantasy dreams of me fitting into those ice blue torn jeans that I use to wear every single day whilst I was in College at was a dream my low waist navys wid torne bits on my knee *sigh* Well lets hope this year is da year I finally fit rite back into them. Gonna cut down on da chocolates n start living healthy now dats a tough one but worth a try.

2. See things in a different way in a new light- Explore the country I have lived in all my life(Bahrain)

3. Keep away negative elements- wat brings you down or distracts you is neva really worth it no matter wat the emotional strings…sometimes you just have to let da saying goes

“Truth is, everybody’s gonna hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for!!”

4. Travel to 3 new destinations – Tho I have always envisioned travelling da world with my man, he is taking  much time to come find me n I cant wait to go see dat world out there thou I will leave out the most romantic cities out ;)- the following are on my wish list this year Thailand, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Rajasthan,London

5.Make sure to spend quality time with the family at the end of the day we r who we are because of them

6. Make more time for me, myself n I-spoil myself with spas, healthy chocs(70%), monthly treatments at da salon etc

7. Experience something out of this world-I have yet to experience such

8. Do something wild n crazy which I would neva usually do- I actually started my new year with some very crazy antics! So lets hope there’s more in store! A guy I recently met called me a nun n it actually got me thinking ..reallly…well dats gonna change!!

9. Experiment with everything in life at least once has always been my motto n continues to be one this year

10. Learn to sew

11. Get back to horse riding- my equestrian skills r nosh

12. Dine out at a posh place once every month with a good friend who is a good conversationalist and a listener

13. Give back a little to society- charity, donations, volunteering work

14. Get a belly piercing 🙂

Phew dats it for this year!!

Lets see how it goes

Much love

Dimpled Fairy

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