Morning Lovelies

Its the last day of Navratri today, a hindu festival that worships the 9 avatars of Goddess Durga. Its considered one of the most holy periods in the Hindu Calendar and also one fo the most enjoyable festivals, where you fast all 9 days and dance all nite long to ethnic music and beats following an age old traditional form of folk dance called Garba & Dandiya (aka dancing with the sticks).

Indian culture fascinates me, we have so much ancient history & traditions steeped in glory and mystery!!

Here’s a glimpse of me all decked up for the folk dance….I am particulary in love with garba!!! I am wearing a traditional attire from the state of Gujurat called a ghagra choli/chaniya choli, the fabric is dyed cotton with traditional Indian printing and the jewellery is made of sea shells and mirrors!! The flashier the better đŸ™‚


Stay Stylish

Much Love

Dimpled Fairy

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