Afternoon All

Looks like the latest additon to grace fashionable faces is the beautymark/mole..if you dont have it ink it,pencil it, pierce it or simply stick it on!

Peter Philips ,Creative Director of make-up at Chanel went back to the 17th Century with their logo inspired face mole at their show at Versailles .

Other spottings on the runway have been  black Swarovski crystals  stuck on to the face!!

What do you guys think would you do this trend or let is pass…Dimpled Fairy just might experiment with the Chanel velvet interlocked CC stickers!!

At its peak, 17th century men and women loved to add a mole to enhance their beauty

Marilyn Monroe was naturally gifted with the sultry mole!

SJP had her mole removed

Supermodel Cindy Crawford flaunts the mole adding to her appeal!

Amy Winehouse brought in the upper lip piercing

Alexis Mabille had his models affixed with a single black Swarovski crystal

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy




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