Morning loveliesIf I had to show you my collection of Nail Colour …I would put most nail spas to shame!! I am guilty as charged & am an ardent fan of the regular mani & pedi at the spa….But sometimes I like to have a manicure every week another one of my many flaws…I love my nails to be perfect to da point of slite hysteria :PSo here’s what I do when m in dire need of a nail revamp !! Steps shown in pics!! 🙂

The Tools-Cuticle Stick, Clipper, Cuticler Remover liquid, buff, Nail filer, Cotton, Nail Polish Remover
Step 1: Clean your nails of any residual pigmentation with Nail Polish Remover
Step 2: Add drops of Cuticle Remover on to each finger nail, let it soak for a sec or two & then push with the stick & clear out the nail of any access skin on the sides of the cuticle
Step 3: Clear out all the skin n shape ur cuticles
Step 4: Gently push the cuticles
Step 5: Clip the dry rough edges of Nail &Skin
Mug Shot of My Minty Nails
BarryM-Mint (Thanx Sija xo)
Comon gurlies give it a shot..its fun & Simple….Do let me know how it goes!!
Much love xoxo

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