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The other evening I had the pleasure of attending a PR dinner at Maki, World Trade Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain, to review the launch of their new techy menu which unfortunately we didnt have the oppurtunity to use but a brief demo was presented.You place your order via a touchscreen menu and the order goes straight to the kool is dat…A smiling waiter/waitress comes by your table and serves you the many exotic delights made at Maki.

The invitees were welcomed by Amani and Amer (Managing Partner) to drinks of your choice followed by several rounds of mouth-watering dishes.

Here are a few glimpses!! I wore a Tan crop top from Forever 21 & a bright green chiffon skirt from my own design label, teamed it with a tassel tanned satchel bag from Max

The ambience at Maki is perfect for an intimate dinner date very cosy and warm..One of those places where you naturally linger with your glass of wine and ponder about the going-ons of life!!

 The well stocked bar!! Promises sumfing for everyone

The writers round up before the tasting

Amani, Me & Amer(Managing partner of Maki)

The Salmon was perfect!! Lovely blend of flavors

Enjoying ourselves arent we!! 🙂 Awaiting the next round of Maki specialities.

Amer explains the composition & inspiration of the nom noms

The yums just kept rolling in

Very pleased indeed

Sesame Chicken and fried rice- the entire table went quiet at this point followed by compliments for the dish!! It was a perfect blend of well cooked juicy chicken, sauce and sesame accompanied by fried rice.

Amer explaining the Fusion shots…a strong burst of flavors.

Robin Barrat & I

Cheeers to the Fusion shot!!

Top picks- Sesame Chicken with fried rice, Spicy Salmon maki-chopped salmon, crispy tempura & special spicy sauce

 Drink- Lemon, mint & Orange Mocktail, Sparkling water

Verdict- 8/10

Service- 4 Stars…well informed and friendly staff


For more info do visit their site

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy


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