Morning Lovelies

As the season of ceremonies approach, where young ladies are busy prepping themselves for THE day of their life…did u guess….. every girls ultimate childhood dream…THE DAY SHE GETS MARRIED TO HER PRINCE!!

Make-up-forever came up with their own little sumfing for the “Brides of 2012” a make up tutorial session with their all Bahraini team and their star make-up artist Ali.

Here are the looks!! The gowns are courtesy to Ruzan at Moda Mall

Here’s me with the lovely Make-up-forever team & their Brand Manager Nadia Shehab

The Make-up-Forever look, loved the foundation was very glowy and light, with a subtle touch of gold & bronze!!

Stay tuned for my next post about, what products to use to get that glamourous, spotless, perfect blushing bride look!!

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Much Love


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