Morning People!!What a relief the dust is almost gone and we can get back to breathing fresh air again!! The strains of living in a desert can have adverse effects on our skin and hair, it tends to get highly dry and dull …My hair currently looks like a dry brown brush 🙁 but here’s wat I have a home made remedy for it all…actually I have a couple of them based on time n mood

Home made Hair Mask  as follows

  1. Coconut Milk  (coconut oil doesnt work for me makes ur hair curlier) apply on to scalp leave in for 30 mins and wash off….moisturiezed hair guaranteed
  2. Yogurt and banana mix, I like to put it in a blender so there are no lil bits of banana sticking on to me
  3. Eggg….my favourite but a pain to get rid of the smell…need to wash it a couple of times…but works wonders on dead hair
  4. Olive oil and a few drops of lemon for dat sunkissed hair look

Try it out…lemme know how it works(PS Go easy on the lemon…too much of it wont b too gud)

Give dose luscious locks a swing n let it blow away with the wind!!

Here’s me with the most amazing hairdresser recommended by a dear friend 🙂 got myself a trim…yay…I look the same tho…cant do much with long hair can you now..sigh!!! Most of my frnds didnt event notice the difference!!

Much love

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