Life of Pi Review

Every once in a while a movie comes along that promises to surpass the details of the originating book not many hit the mark, but Life of Pi (the movie) scores a definitive 10/10.


A movie made to touch the ever hidden genetic thread of humanity, love, tolerance, nature, survival, energy, beauty, raw emotions all rolled up into a massive delicious story that takes you and drowns you into the world of Pi!!!



You are taken through a visual delight of a stunning tiger with such intense eyes (every time they did a close up I just wanted to pull him and pet him, though if that would happen in real life I would have possibly lost my moppy little head), a vast pacific ocean and its rich sea life, storms, Pi’s struggle and will to simply survive not only the expansive deep sea but the bulky ferocious tiger who occupies the lifeboat!!



I recommend it lovelies….it’s a must watch!!!!! A bit of a Mowgli and Sher khan “become friends” kinda story if u are a jungle book fan then this is them in real life!!!


Here’s what I wore πŸ™‚

Red lippie-Dior, Cardi-Piazza Italia,Printed top-Forever 21, Blue tights-HnM, Bag-Aldo, ballet pumps-Max



Stay stylish

Much love


Dimpled Fairy




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