Morning Lovelies

Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian empire building strategy is legendary!! No doubt she has gone ahead with her 4th perfume called True Reflection.

Recently introduced into the Bahraini world of Perfumes by SEPHORA.. True Reflection is a heady mix of all things fruity, tipped off by a heady mixture of plum, peach, Patchouli, musk & lotus flower!!

The campaign describes the perfume as  follows  “The scent that encapsulates the enigmatic, complex notes that embrace the full scope of a woman’s life, marked by its intensity and its hopefulness”

Here’s the promotional video for the fragrance


The reality TV Star & Style Diva has  earlier fragrances called Kim Kardashian,Gold and Love

Dimpled Fairy’s Verdict– Way too sweet for my liking, didn’t linger long enough either! The scent didn’t work its magic its neither hopeful or intense! Nothing special about the packaging , art-deco, two tones and multi faceted are so done to death with !

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy


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