Morning Dolls

After much of the hulla over the launch of the Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins and Kim’s hip swagging entre at The Walk Bahrain not much has changed in Bahrain…hopefully the obnoxious ads will be taken down now that its over!!

Yes my lovelies I give the Kardashian Kollection a definite thumbs down, it was cheap & crass , of course I have full respect for the hard work, the fashion and the beauty that the Kardashians portray on the reality tv show and was eagerly anticipating the launch ..But sadly hugely disappointed with the KOLLECTION.

The quality of the fabric was terrible and cheap like it was made for a budget store. The launch didnt create much hype when I entered the store on Thursday to have a peak (also the launch date) a small corner of the floor was dedicated to store the kollection that mainly involved heaps of animal print, spangles, see through and of course the copy of the famous bandage dress!! The fashion was a few seasons too old, it was like Bahrain was dumped with what didn’t get sold elsewhere!!

Here’s what remotely caught my eye and I give it a definate big thumbs down down down!!


Fabric was rough and didnt quiet fit the curves as it promises too!!

Whats special abt it, that was the only bag displayed 🙁

Not too bad but there are better versions of this at HnM, Forever 21 & River Island…so a definate miss

Bad finish

I would rather get mine from Zara for the same price…nothing special again


Terrible fabric


Was expecting much more from these lovely curvey ladies…..but for now I reveiw it Kardashian Krap . Till the next celebrity launch….

Stay stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy



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