Helloooo LoveliesHapppie New Year!!! Hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s eve and a fabulous start to what was assumed to be the end of the world!!! Have you all stocked up on your New Year resolutions!! Well I have made the biggest resolution of all resolutions this year….SIMPLY not to have any resolutions !!makes me feel all stressed out like an over worked Sales Girl who has targets to reach ….

I have decided to take each day as it comes, to live each day like my last, hence I keep my self surrounded with all the people and things I love-my frnds, my family, my car and ofcourse my shoeess !! N to be honest there is nuthing like not knowing what mite happen tomorrow and not worrying about tomorrow..

2011 has taught me some of the most valuable lessons of life!!

  • To only do sumfing dat u really want to do n one dat ur heart completely allows u to do-Stand by your principles how ever harsh the consequences
  • Learning to say NO…u dont always have to be nice
  • Not waiting for life to get perfect- Its the imperfections dat makes life exciting
  • To be sincere to who you are and accepting it- I am a curvy gurl…n will neva be a size zero- N I love me the way I am 🙂
  • To accept that everthing and everybody changes- Nuthing remains the same
  • To say things dat I only really mean- When I say I miss you ( I really do) and when I ask u to bugger off( I mean dat too) 😛
  • To do everything whole heartedly- live,love,lafff, weep, fite, talk, shop.. 😉

Life is beautiful inspite of all the disappointments, assholes, shortcomings…Your beautiful if your imperfect so embrace it!!

Lemme know of your resolutions!!

OH yes my blog would be incomplete without this


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