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Just last week we spoke about how different people have different body shapes and how their body types can be classified into 4 relative types – Hourglass, pear, apple and ruler shaped.


 To maintain that perfect body, you have to eat and exercise based on your body type. The different body types and each individual’s unique size can be determined by their genetics, bone structure, age and lifestyle.


One cannot change their body shape as it’s a natural gift that is given to every individual. However there is a way in which you can work around your body type by maintaining healthy eating routine combined with a fitness program.


 Ruler/Banana shaped – one who can equally gain and lose weight requires regular cardio exercise and sessions of resistance training. This will help develop the muscles in the upper body and the lower back area. It also tightens your core creating definitions and curves. Recommended exercises: Pilates, squats, push ups and bicep curls



 It is important for ‘ruler’ shaped women to eat calcium rich food like spinach, tofu and yoghurt to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


 Apple shaped – one who gains weight in the upper region like arms and bust with a smaller bottom half. The idea here is to get your heart pumping so exercises like cycling, swimming, running, crunches, squats, raquet sports are recommended.


Prone to issues related to the heart, the apple should cut down on gathering of fat around the chest regions. For this to be avoided, a diet that includes high qulaity proteins like chicken, turkey, tuna, whole wheat and fruint n veg should be of priority.  Sardines, avocados , nuts rich in omega 3 are good in tearing body fat.





Pear shaped – this type of body has the kilos adding on to the lower half of the body leaving smaller bust and shoulder area. Here focus has to be on gaining upper body mass. Whole body workouts are a must along with isolated exercises like push ups, leg outs, one legged leg lifts and side leg lifts. Zero weights or resistance to be added as this type of body already has a bulkier lower body.


While sweet foods are to be avoided, the pear shaped body requires high quality proteins that includes skinless chicken, tuna, cod, non starchy vegetables – broccoli, zucchini, green vegetables and foods that use only healthy cooking oils.





Hourglass shaped – with a blessing of having an equal distribution of weight, the hourglass is able to gain muscle while exercising rather than lose fat. The body mass is ideal here but an exercise routine that involves cardio, jogging, impact sports that require high speed and low to medium resistance for upper and lower bodies. Recommended Exercises: leg curls, long distance swimming, arm push outs, bicep curls, skiing, tricep kick backs are exercises that require high reps 20-30 reps per exercise.


Food with high quality proteins like chicken breasts, lean beef/veal, tuna, cod and non-starchy vegetables – broccoli, zucchini, cabbage and food rich in omega 3 are recommended.




So these are short remedies on how you could use the above tips to work on your body type to get that ideal shape.


Hope these tips help!



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