Morning PeepsIts Friday yay!! 🙂 I woke up early and treated myself to a huge English breakfast ..there hold ur breath..prepared in my own Indian Kitchen and  it was scrumptious!!!

A lovely morning out here in Bahrain its Sunny n windy, a perfect chirpy spring day!! 🙂

And one of the many things on my list today is to go grab some beautiful new stuff from New Look dat I have been eyeing for some time!! Heres wat m looking at!!  🙂


My legs



Orange Court shoes …to buy or not to!! Werent very comfy to walk in!!



Orange Court shoes



Corn Yellow Suede Court Shoes



Coral Patent pointed Court shoes



Turquoise suede court shoes
Life’s full of tough choices …sigh…but u got to make them!! M gonna stick by the happier colours …in da hope of more happiness and sunshine in the months to come !!! So turquoise and Orange welcome home!!! 🙂
Much Love


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