Barbell upright row This move is great for strong and well-shaped shoulders. Works your trapezius, deltoids and biceps. It is not difficult to perform but can get little challenging once you lift heavier weight.

It’s simple. Just stand straight with your feet together. Hold the bar with overhand grip, narrower than your shoulders width. The narrower you hold it the more you exercise your trapezius. If you hold it wider, your workout will work more of your deltoids. The move is very easy. Just lift the bar up close to your collarbone and then slowly bring it back down. Keep your core activated and your back straight at all times. Do 3 sets with 8-12 reps.


Eva’s fit tip: One bad meal won’t make you fat. Just as one good meal won’t make you lean. Losing weight and being fit isn’t about one day. It’s about the choices you make day after day, all year long. Sounds scary? No! Take it day by day! Every morning when you wake up, you have a chance to do it right. Every day is a new beginning.

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