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My name is Eva and I’m happy girl from Slovakia who loves life, laugh, sun and people. My life brought me to Dubai 9 years ago and I’m enjoying the endless sun and relaxed middle eastern lifestyle ever since. I have been working and a model for many years but now I have fulfilled my biggest dream and became professional fitness trainer. Fitness has been my passion ever since I remember. I love working out, I care for healthy lifestyle and I love to help others to become fitter and happier people.
Shub was so kind to offer me a collaboration so from now on we will be bringing you here some health tips and exercise advices so you too can become fitter. I hope you will enjoy my post and that I’ll help you to get the body you wish for.
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MOVE OF THE WEEK: Prone bride


This exercise strengthens your core through engaging your core muscles to stabilize your spine.


Kneel down and put your elbows on the floor right below your shoulders. Then lift yourself up on your toes. Draw your stomach in while keeping your back straight. Maintain this position at least for 30 seconds or longer. You should feel the burn deep in your stomach. Make sure that once you will start getting tired you won’t be curving your back. Your back must stay straight all the time. When you can perform this for 90 seconds you can make it harder by lifting one of your legs up.

Do 3 sets per 30-90 seconds.


Eva’s fit tip:

Drink more unsweetened green tea to boost your metabolism.

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