MOVE OF THE WEEK: Triceps bench dips
Or how to get strong and sexy arms.
Firstly, this can be performed with one bench only with the feet on the floor for easier version. The closer you put your feet to the bench, the easier the workout will be. For those of you who are stronger – use two benches and give your arms good tough drill.
Place your hands on the edge of the bench, shoulder width. Then either put your legs up on the opposite bench or keep them on the floor – your call. Now lift your bum up off the bench and move down as far as you can, preferably at least until your arms form 90 degree angle. Now push yourself back up. Do 3 sets at least 8 reps each, great if you can do 12-15.
photo (4)
Don’t place your hands too far from your body. It could add unnecessary stress to your shoulders.

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