Its the 30th of January 2012…we have already completed one month to the year and have 11 more to go…how quick was that , feels like yesterday whilst I was all excited about planning my new year getaway to Dubai…Time sure does fly!!End of the months are like the beginnings of every week…ur mood has no option but to turn blue…its the day of footing all the bills, ur salary has just been freshly transfered to your bank account or you have just encashed that crisp cheque and wat does the “End of the Month” do he heartlessly goes about minusing all thats there like a gambler in love with a cabaret dancer…he blows all he’s got!! Bills n more bills…sigh!!

Lets hope my dear bank account doesnt get too looted today…..On a brighter side The month of love and romance is next…Stay tuned for daily updates leading up to Valentine’s Day!! On how to look your best for that special someone…Its always a month of excitement you have no idea who would ask you out or who has a secret liking that you never even imagined or better still the guy you secretly admire asking you out….And if your wondering what Ill be doing for the day….Good food and presents to self shall surely be the highlight!!! 😛

On to things more beautiful ..objects of art…Here are a few clippings of Jean Paul Gautier’s recent creation as an inspirational tribute to Amy Winehouse!!


Loving the structure of the creations…and the colourful bouffants
Quirky yet Elegante..looks more classy than druggie


Check out the Lip piercing!!
Loving the cinched waists & Corset inspired Jacket!!
Blue Hair anyone!


Fitted Sexiness


Jean Paul Gautier never ceases to impress….loving each look as bizzare as they look all still very classy, elegante and wearable sans the lip stud for me!!!

Much Love


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