Morning All

Here’s a quick remedy to dry skin and dry hair!! A condition most of us suffer due to the harsh climate in this part of the world!! But worry not as long as you ve got a tray of egg and a large pot of yogurt

What you ll need

1. Egg- Separate the white and the yolk

2. A pot of full fat yogurt since it’s creamier

Face mask

Mix egg white and yogurt to make a creamy mix- apply on to face and wash when dry

Hair Mask

Mix egg yolk and yogurt to a frothy creamy mix, add a few drops of olive or almond oil. Leave the mixture on ur hair for around 3o minutes and then wash off!! Guaranteed soft silky shiny hair!!

Try it out 🙂

Saves huge dosh on an expensive salon treatement no doubt!!

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy


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