Morning Lovelies

There was a time when u thot of spiked and studded stuff the legend of dog collars and biker boys..but this trend has slowly infiiltrated into a startling hot boom of rage and feminity transending into every fashionistas wardrobe!!

I am in love with anything spiked or studded so much so that I had to do my very own DIY using my new denim skirt and gold spikes..

Here’s how I got the look something you can try at home – DIY Spiked Denim Skirt

 Denim Skirt-Max, needle & thread, scissors, spikes & studs2012-12-27-17-55-04_deco 2012-12-27-17-56-50_deco 2012-12-27-17-58-16_deco 2012-12-27-18-06-15_photo 2012-12-27-18-26-50_photo 2012-12-27-18-26-02_photo



Try it out!!

Stay Stylish

Much love

Dimpled Fairy


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