Morning All

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! As you all know from my previous posts I am quiet the fan of Nail maintenance to a point of obsession!

You might catch me with no makeup on, bushy eyebrows or my hair in a mess but you would never spot me with chipped nail polish or badly groomed nails!!

I am currently on a spree to find the best places to head to for a good manicure and pedicure! Just last week I visited Dessange for their special spa experience and I must say it was the most relaxing mani & pedi session I have ever been too and I have experimented with quiet a lot both in Bahrain and outside!!

The whole setting is very peaceful, relaxing with a small cave area for each mani & pedi session, comfy white seats, dim lights and friendly staff!


I usually find it very annoying when I get to a spa/salon and am attended by noisy staff who keep chattering throughout the session. Refreshingly the Dessange staff were perfect in their white uniforms, pleasant attitude and attention to detail!!

We started off with a round of soaking!!

My cheerful pedicurist 🙂

 Cuticle Therapy and a good foot scrub!!

A good buff!!

Check out my glossy nails…right after the buff!! Awesome!!

Minty foot pack totally relaxing.Tingled and refreshed my foot!!

My hands get a fantastic scrub followed by a hot towel session to let my skin soak in the moisture and nutrients!!

And am ready almost wait for my nail colour to dry!! OPI- Who the shrek are you?

Looks good with me blackberry too!! I is a happie bunny!!

Dessange surely scores a 4/5 for me


For further details contact Dessange – 17713999


Stay Stylish

Much Love

Dimpled Fairy

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