“There is a garden in every childhood an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again” Childhood I believe belongs to a phase of our lives where we live the happiest, free-est and purest!!! Where stress and all other negative elements have no place in our lives…Life is one big merry-go-round, yummy lunch boxes, romping arnd in multi-shaded rompers,colouring books and crayons!!

And as we grow older we lose the essence of simplicity …most importantly the gift of positive thinking…We get so accustomed to thinking practically that we forget the power of our mind, the kind of energy it is capable of releasing into the Universe…lol I know m going all Deepak Chopra on you…but u know what its a tried n tested method!!

Thinking good things will make good things happen to you!! Give it a go and see if it works!! 🙂

For now I can’t stop admiring the full of colour Spring/Fall 2012 collection of Meadham Kirchoff..it’s like a kid who got wild and decided to go to the Disco!! Have a look and enjoi!!

Liking the chiffons, candy colours, vivid images n crazzie hair( I get dat look quiet naturally all I need to do is jump out of bed :P)….hehe
Unleash the inner kid in u dis spring….bring out the joy 🙂
Much Love

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