Dreams have been described as the effort of our subconscious minds talking to us, in some cultures it is believed to be spirits whispering to us about our future…heavy stuff eh!! I prefer to stick to the theory of our minds talking to us in a way we wouldn’t otherwise think, like a repressed thought or memory…I had a beautiful dream last nite about me running free with the horses, wind in my hair I could almost smell the green of the place around me…n most importantly of all I was running barefoot… :'( seriously would I leave my shoe collection if I were to go stay in the wilderness of the Amazonian forests!! Sigh!! Maybe if true love did strike in the form of a burly handsome jungle man with deep blue eyes and silky hair…who knows love can make u do crazieee things…hehe…there m on it again Lucid dreaming as they scientifically call it!!

Do u gurls have fanciful dreams…tell me about it…its fun to hear!! 🙂

Its still pretty cold here in Bahrain so I decided to raid my closet for my London Look cdnt find my matching beret tho!! Voila

Beige Coat-Zara UK, Dress-Whisper UK, Black Calf Lenght Boots  & Scarf- Vintage shop London, Orange Juice
Me and my boi…He just loves to sniff… 🙂
Owl Face-Forever 21 have matching earrings too!!
Assorted glass bangles in greens and blue..Courtesty Tamim Anwar (Been Frnds for a million years) He got me one in each colour from his trip to India 🙂 Just love them!!

Its thursday tomorrow phew…finally!!! Cant wait for the weekend!!




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